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This is an archived copy of the original EpiWiki.

The original EpiWiki was started in 2008 by two Australian teenagers with a love for Epiphone and a desire to make a comprehensive list of products and specification relating to the Epiphone company. As an open wiki, the original Epi-Wiki was available for editing to anyone that was a member of the forum. The Epi-Wiki didnt recieve much content but provided motivation and the basis for the current Epiphone Wiki.

Welcome to EpiWiki

EpiWiki is the unofficial wiki for lovers of all things Epiphone. It is not endorsed nor supported by Epiphone in any way. In order to edit the Wiki, you must be a member of the forum.

You can see a list of all categories at Special:Categories

To create a new article, search for the name of the article you wish to create, and click the create link on that page. To add an article to a category, use [[Category:Category Name]] in the textbox.

Useful Information

For help identifying your guitar's date and location of manufacturing based on the serial number, see Serial Numbers.

Some good starting points for surfing the EpiWiki include:

- Epiphone

- Les Paul

- G-Series

- Sheraton

- Dot

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